Reading the Right Kind of Astrology Signs

For anyone who is interested in astrology click here for Psych-Hub, it is no secret that the horoscope of a person is informative and multifaceted but, which way to approach the interpretation and not to drown in the ocean of different meanings? In this article, you will learn the walkthrough how to read the natal chart. Or call a psychic phone today.

Often, even at a consultation with a practicing astrologer, you can get such a set of interpretations: you have the Moon in Taurus – you like comfort, tasty food, and Mars in Leo – you are a proud man.

These interpretations may contradict each other. In the end, instead of understanding yourself, you get porridge in your head. And the astrologer looks at you with a mystical look, believing that you yourself must see the truth.

As they say, personality is a complex thing. For example, at work you are a strict boss, and at home a caring mother. The main skill of the astrologer is to learn how to synthesize different values of the horoscope, to assemble from one person’s image.

So, now let’s learn how to read a person’s natal chart, where to start.

Step number 1. Elements and temperament

Before analyzing the planets and signs, determine the main and weak elements of the horoscope. The energies of air, fire, earth, and water signify a person’s temperament. The elements show the general background of the personality, on which the main events will take place.

Imagine that you are painting a picture. Sketches, first sketches are planets and signs. And the background, the background is temperament.

If you do not know how to read the initial map, elemental analysis is the first easy step in the analysis.

Step number 2. Sun, Moon and Ascendant

After we have determined the general background of the horoscope, we proceed to the analysis of the most important functions of the psyche and soul. For the astrology readings this is very important.

The sun is the core, the center of personality, the true meaning of life, why did you come into the world. Astrological predictions in the journal are based precisely on the solar sign. For example, the Sun in Taurus – the main meaning – beauty, matter, money, practicality and simplicity. Daylight is the power that makes the world full, the power that lifts you off the couch and brings happiness and success.

The moon is the center of psychic energy, the perception of the world, the point of inner comfort. Basic needs, the ability to change, talent is advantageous to adapt to the circumstances. The image of the mother. The analysis of the night lights is a big half of the information.

Ascendant – how do you manifest in the universe. The physical body, as you are perceived by other people. The material embodiment of the spirit. An analysis of the Ascendant shows social and earthly tasks.

  • The sun – I, the person, my true meaning
  • The moon – how the world is reflected in me, a point of comfort, need
  • Asz – my physical embodiment

Step number 3. We collect the details of the map

At the next stage, we supplement the psychological portrait with personal planets that show different functions and tasks.

  • Mercury – speech, thinking, communication, learning
  • Venus – eros, love, finance
  • Mars – activity, strength, ability to overcome obstacles

Mercury shows how you think, learn, work with information. How to communicate, commercial skill, management of household affairs. Logical or creative thinking.

Venus – a manifestation of love, feelings, the point of pleasure and attractiveness, the man has the image of a beloved woman. Marriage Significator. Pocket money, easy income and spending. Art, creativity in general.

Mars is a manifestation of aggression, a way to overcome difficulties, problems, upholding their positions, behavior in conflict situations, starting a business and activities in general.

Do not forget, in addition to the interpretation of the planet in sign, about the aspects that make significant additions. For example, Mars in Aries is passionate, hot-tempered, hot. But the square from Saturn cools it down a bit, gives strategy and endurance.

Step # 4. Identify the weak points.

Almost every horoscope has vulnerable points: affected planets, distressed Houses and tense aspects. And this often introduces difficulties and misunderstanding how to read the natal chart , when everything is good in one place, and another is a problem.

  • Planet are amazed if
  • there is a predominance of stressful aspects
  • being in the sign of exile and fall
  • sunburn
  • relationship with Lilith, evil stars

Intense parts of the map are a source of problems, blocks and sets with which the native needs to work.

Step 5. Event Level

The question of how to read the natal chart is often frightening precisely because of the difficulty of moving to specific events, life phenomena. Here confusion reigns even among practicing astrologers.

For the event level are responsible Homes or sectors of the map. In other words, Home shows where it is required by circumstances to manifest one or another planet. For example, Mars in VIII – disputes over money.

For interpretation you need to evaluate

  • steward – is generally responsible for the affairs of a certain sphere of life. Through what and how the House is implemented.
  • cusp – gives a description
  • the planets inside are strong positive or negative factors affecting the affairs of the House
  • Do the synthesis
  • Money, Finance – II, VIII, Venus
  • career and work – VI, X, Jupiter, Saturn,
  • Love and Family – IV, V, VII, Moon, Venus
  • Health – I, VI, VIII, the Sun and the Moon
  • Training – III, IX, Mercury
  • Karma and spiritual development – I, Lunar Nodes, Jupiter

Determine the temperament and element

Analyze the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant

Create a psychological portrait

Determine the weak points of the horoscope

Moving on to events and circumstances

Let’s start from afar. How to spell a horoscope for signs of the zodiac, because, all people are different, and therefore it is hardly possible to predict events with confidence, relying only on the zodiac sign. Of course, there are some simplifications. Individual forecast is built largely based on the projection of the planets in the individual horoscope. Suppose if Mars passes you through the third house of the horoscope, then your trips become more active, and in communication you become more straightforward, energetic, or even rude. If there are additional indications, then the astrologer can talk about specific events, if not – then only about trends and these trends, as a rule, are very accurately guessed and predicted.

So in the zodiac horoscope trends are considered. If we are talking about a daily horoscope, then first of all the astrologer looks at the position of the Moon and its interrelations with other planets, since it is the Moon that moves most rapidly through the sky relative to the stars. If we are talking about a weekly forecast, then the astrologer looks at the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars (if there is a need for this). The longer the forecast turns out to be, the more slowly the moving planets are considered by the astrologer and all this with only one purpose – to identify trends.

There is a technique of solar houses. In it, the position of the Sun at the moment of birth of a person is taken at the beginning of the first house. To build a forecast, which will take into account only the trends in this case, it suffices to know only the date (and preferably the approximate time of birth) and then it is easy to determine the position of all houses. It is this system (although not only it) that is used in your Horoscope for Windows program for building forecasts and calendars. But in the zodiac horoscope, the astrologer, unfortunately, does not know the exact date of birth, but works only with a range. Only the position of the Sun in the sign of the zodiac is taken into account and this sign is taken for the beginning of the first house. Such a horoscope allows you to take into account some trends and surveys and reviews show that for a sufficiently large number of people, the astrologer in this case is able to “guess” the development trends and even give some prediction and recommendations. However, it is much more correct to count the first house from the Ascendant (a point that dates back to the moment of your birth), as is done when building a personal horoscope. The position of the Ascendant is determined not only by the date, but by the time and place of your birth. Therefore, if you know a sign that dates back to the moment of your birth, then the horoscope forecast written for this sign will be much more accurate.

The question remains: how to determine your ascending sign? Those who are a little familiar with astrology can calculate it themselves with the help of specialized astrological programs. But most of this cannot be done on its own.

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Astrology is the study of the movement and the positions of planets, stars, moon, and the sun that affects human life. Astrologers use individuals’ dates of birth, place, and time to predict what in store for their future.

In many circles, astrology is used as a platform to explain an individual’s personality and base it on events that are likely to occur in the future.

In astrology, we find horoscopes that make predictions in people’s lives, as well as describe their personalities. Astrologers use their gifts to offer people a guide to leading a fruitful life.

There are many different branches of astrology; however, all astrologers use the movement of celestial bodies to predict your future.

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